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Splitting documents

If a document contains more than one invoice you can split this document into separate invoices.

Step 1

Click on ‘Split’ in “My Backlog” on the “Dashboard” or click on ‘Backlog’ and click in the column status on ‘Split’.

TriFact365 dashboard with 1 document that needs to be split

Step 2

Move the pages to each other when pages are part of one invoice. Click on ‘Send’ when all pages are correctly split in separate invoices. The split invoices will now proceed to “Recognition” and end up in the “Backlog” for further processing.

TriFact365 2 invoices in 1 file
TriFact365 2 invoices in 1 file that are split


An invoice with the status “Confirm” can't be split


Splitting files after upload

Want to split a document after uploading? No problem, execute the following steps.

Step 1

Click ‘Backlog’ and check the boxes in front of the document you would like to split. A blue menu bar is shown. Select ‘Split’.

TriFact365 splitting files from the backlog

Step 2

TriFact365 asks you to confirm the splitting of the file and it will show you if a document can be split. Click ‘Execute’. The document can now be processed by following steps 1 and 2 at the top of this knowledge item.

Deleting pages

When you split a document, you can delete blanc pages or pages who are not useful for processing the invoice.

Click on the ‘Red cross’ at the right top corner of the page. When sending this split document, this page will be deleted. If you want to add a page which is marked as delete, click on the ‘Green plus’.


When clicking ‘Send’, the as delete marked pages are indefinite removed from Trifact365

Splitting documents in TriFact365