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Start using the mobile app

Follow the next steps to use the mobile app:

Step 1
You need a User in TriFact365 to be able to use the mobile app. Make sure the User is created in case someone else is going to use the app. This User needs to be activated.

Step 2
Assign the right user rights to the User. If it is the intention that he/she uploads receipts, then only assign Add. Should the User also be able to authorise and/or confirm? Then assign these rights as well.

Step 3
Assign the correct Administrations to the User so that they can be selected in the mobile app.

Step 4
Download the mobile app (iOS and Android) and log in with the User Name and Password that are also used for the portal.

Upload receipts via the mobile app

The mobile app is designed to capture receipts. We therefore advise you to scan paper invoices and send them via email or upload them into the portal.