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Status Underway


There are still X invoices with the Underway status

It’s possible that a journal entry send to the accounting software gets the status Underway. TriFact365 was unsuccessful to send this journal entry, a warning is shown in the Dashboard.

Double clicking the warning leads you to the screen below, where the invoices are listed with the Status Underway.

Filter the results by using one of the search options. 

Documents pending in TriFact365 with the columns Time, Administraties, type, File name, Entry number, Error message

If an error message is available, it will be shown here. There are several actions available to process the invoice:

  • Resend: This will resend the journal entry to the accounting software. If re-sending is not successful, the lines will be shown with an error message.
  • Return to check: This will change the status of the document to Check. You can check the journal entry proposed again and send it to the accounting software.
  • Finalise: This will mark the invoice as Finalised and puts the documents in the Archive. NO journal entry will be made in the accounting software. If needed the journal entry should be made manually in the accounting software.


The execute an action you need to have the Controle right as a User for that administration.