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Tips for setting up a confirmation schedule

When setting up a confirmation schedule, various options are possible. This is of course dependent on the route an invoice must take and can differ within each organisation.

With the level you indicate in which order confirmation should take place. Level 1 approves first and level 2 approves next. When the order is not relevant and confirmation can be done in parallel, you can put all confirmation users on the same level.

Per approver you have to indicate whether this approver is optional or required. Required means that this person must always approve within this schedule. Optional is only relevant when at least one other user is also set as optional on the same level. One of these approvers must then approve the invoice, but it does not matter who.

Case 1 – One procurator
One person should approve the invoice. The schedule should be as follows:

Case 2 – Several procurators in a row
Approver A must first approve the invoice, after which Approver B must also approve the invoice. The schedule should look like this:

Case 3 – Multiple procurators in parallel
There are several approvers who may approve, but only one approval is sufficient. The schedule should be as follows:

On the right-hand side of the schedule, the administrations to which this schedule applies can be selected. In the examples above, one administration is selected, but this can be more than one.

Not quite sure how to set up the confirmation schedule? Please contact our support department. We are happy to help with the set-up.