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(Un)blocking invoices for payment (iMUIS Online)

When you use the Entry before confirmation feature in TriFact365, the invoices will be blocked for payment when booked in iMUIS Online. These invoices are unblocked after the confirmation workflow in TriFact365 is completed. Read below how it works exactly.

Step 1
Make sure there are no invoices in the Confirmation phase. If this is the case and you turn on Entry before confirmation, these invoices will NOT be sent to AccountView.

Step 2
Go to Settings (Cogwheel) and click on Administrations. Check behind the relevant administration Entry before confirmation and click Save.

The invoices are now directly posted after Check and will be put on Betwist. When an invoice has been confirmed in TriFact365, the setting for Betwist will be lifted again.

instelling in iMuis Online, vinkje "Betwist" rechts naast factuurbedrag, links van het vinkje incasso