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VAT exempt

In TriFact365 it is possible to work with VAT exempt. Additional settings are required.

In TriFact365 go to Settings (Cogwheel) > Administrations > Pencil > Settings. Then set VAT exempt to Yes and click Save.

Entry settings in TriFact365 including the VAT exempt option.

All journal entry proposals will then be presented with an Amount including VAT. In addition, the VAT code No VAT or None will be selected by default.

Entry lines in TriFact365 that do not show the VAT amount and VAT code because the administraties is VAT Exempt



In SnelStart, the ledger functions of the ledger accounts must support No VAT. Otherwise, the journal entry may still end up in SnelStart with VAT.

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You must select a VAT code for purchase and sales invoices. This is then selected by default on the journal entry proposal.