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Viewing PDF file(s) (AFAS)

TriFact365 uses file numbers to add the PDF file of an invoice to the corresponding journal entry in AFAS. Make sure your file numbers are available and active (or in use within another workflow in AFAS).

Purchase invoices

Go to Settings (Cogwheel) > Administrations in TriFact365 and click on the Pencil at the relevant administration. Click on the Settings tab and add the following settings:

  • File number for purchase invoices: -5

Sales invoices

When using AFAS Small Business use the following setting:

  • File number for sales invoices: 10

Do you work with AFAS Profit ERP? Add a new file number to AFAS. Use this link to download the manual.

Project entry

When entering a project entry in AFAS, TriFact365 will add the PDF file of the invoice to the project number. To do this make sure that the file number Project is permitted on the tab Destination Extra. If this is not set the PDF file will not be send to AFAS for the project entry.