Accrual entry

Additional settings in TriFact365 or the accounting software are required.


  1. In AccountView go to Opties > Instellingen > Administratie > Financieel I.
  2. Make sure a ledger is selected for ‘Transitoria debet’ and ‘Transitoria credit’.
  3. Want to spread the e journal entries over different financial years? Make sure the financial years are available in Account View.  

Exact Online

  1. In Exact Online go to the settings of the administration. Click on the tab “Financieel” and add a ledger to ‘Uitgestelde omzet’ and ‘Uitgestelde kosten’.
  2. Connect a Memorial journal to the postponed costs/revenues. It’s advised to create new journals for this setting.
TriFact365 accrual settings for Exact Online


  1. In TriFact365 go to Settings > Administrations > Magnifying glass > Settings
  2. Select a ‘Ledger account’ at “Accruals”
TriFact365 accrual entry settings for Twinfield

Settings TriFact365

Step 1

Check the box ‘Accrual entry’ in the screen “Controle and process”. Extra field will appear on the journal entry lines.

Step 2

Enter dates in the fields “From” and “Up to” to distribute the Amount and VAT for these periods.

TriFact365 accrual entry

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