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How to confirm?

Step 1 

Click on ‘Confirm’ in the ‘Dashboard’ menu or choose ‘Backlog’ in the blue menu bar at the top and click on the status ‘Confirm’ for an invoice. 

Step 2 

On the right-hand side, the invoice is shown. On the left-hand side, the information for the Entry and the History is shown. In this screen you can select one of the follow-up actions: 

  • Note: place a note in the white box and click on Send when a note is required 
  • Confirm: when an Entry is confirmed the invoice will be send to the Archive and the entry is send to the accounting software 
  • Reject: if an Entry is rejected the invoice receives the status ‘Rejected’ 
  • Skip: an Entry can be ‘Skipped’. The invoice will still have the status ‘Confirm’ in the ‘Backlog’ and can be confirmed at a later stage.
TriFact365 approve invoice screen