The mailbox is only available for administrators.

In the Mailbox you can see which e-mails have been delivered per accounting record. Here you can easily see if the e-mail contains attachments that have been processed. Go to the cogwheel and click on ‘Mailbox’.

Search options
With the search options you can easily filter emails by accounting record, sender, subject, date and processed attachments. You can also sort the e-mails. To do this, click on the title of the column to sort them in descending / ascending order.

Unprocessed attachments?
Is there a red icon with an exclamation mark next to the e-mail? Then there were no (valid) attachments in the e-mail. Valid attachments have the following file format:

  • .pdf
  • .xml

To be able to process an xml file, a pdf file must also be present in the e-mail with the same file name.

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