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Received e-mails


This function is only available to Administrators and Users who have been assigned the right Mailbox.

In the Received e-mails screen, all e-mails sent to an administration can be consulted. In the menu, go to Inbox > Received e-mails to open the screen.

Using the search options, you can easily filter e-mails by administration, sender, subject, date and processed attachments. In addition, you can also sort the e-mails. To do this, click on the column title to sort them descending/ ascending.

Unprocessed attachment?
Is there a red icon with an exclamation mark in front of the e-mail? Then there were no (valid) attachments in the email.

Viewing e-mails
You can view details of the emails by clicking View. You can then see which attachments have been processed and why certain attachments have not been processed.


SPF check failed

Read this article for more information on the above error message.