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Upload in portal

Uploading UBL-invoices

UBL-invoices can only be uploaded by e-mail.

Step 1
Click ‘Upload’ in “My Backlog” or click ‘Upload’ at the top of the webpage

Step 2

TrIFact365 upload step 1. Choose administration

Select an administration

Step 3

TriFact365 upload step 2. Document type

Select a document type: purchase or sales

Step 4

TriFact365 upload step 3. Split

Select if the document contains a “single” or “multiple” accounting documents

Step 5

TriFact365 upload step 4. Choose file(s)

Choose the file(s) you would like to add. Click ‘Choose file(s)’ or drag-and-drop

The documents will be processed and show in the ‘Recognition’ phase. Afterwards, the documents will be placed on the ‘Split’, ‘Authorise’ or ‘Check’ status.

Step 6

Click ‘Done’ to finish the upload

The accounting documents will be processed by the “Recognition” and end up with the status “Split”, “Autorise” or “Check”

Upload limit is 20MB per file.

Read more about uploading by e-mail and by mobile app: