Upload by e-mail

Purchase and sales invoices can be uploaded by e-mail (PDF + UBL). Send the invoices to the mailbox assigned to the administration in TriFact365. The e-mail adress of the administration can be found in TriFact365 through Settings > Administrations.

Upload by e-mail

To set up an automated invoice forwarding see below.

Step 1
Create an e-mail address for receiving invoices from your suppliers, for instance: creditors@mycompany.com. Share this e-mail address with your suppliers. This will secure the receiving of all e-mail communication with the suppliers.

Step 2
Set up an automatic forwarding rule for the created e-mail address to the mailbox of the administration in TriFact365.

Important remarks:

  1. The size of the attachments in one e-mail is limited to 10 MB. The limitation for a single document is set by your accounting software.
  2. Our e-mail provider uses a Sender Policy Famework (SPF). This could result in unprocessed attachments. Click here to read how to fix this.
  3. For processing UBL-invoices the e-mail should contain a XML-file and PDF-file with the same file name.
  4. E-mails regarding purchase invoices can be forwarded as they are being received. For sales invoices or a file with more than one invoice, a change at the beginning of the subject field of the e-mail is required:
    • Inkoop‘ or any other random subject: PDF-file is processed as a single purchase invoice.
    • Verkoop‘: PDF-file is processed as a single sales invoice.
    • Bulkinkoop‘: PDF-file is processed as multiple purchase invoices and will be put on the ‘Split’ status.
    • Bulkverkoop‘: PDF-file is processed as multiple sales invoices and will be put on the ‘Split’ status.

Read more about uploading in the portal or by mobile app:

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