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Recognition support

Every document processed in TriFact365 affects the recognition of subsequent documents.

Journal entry proposals from TriFact365 are created based on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, robotic accounting and OCR software. But available master data is also important in this proces.

How are relations best recognised?

  1. Make sure that as much master data as possible is available for a relation (supplier/customer).
    • E.g. (Company) name, address, bank account, Chamber of Commerce, VAT and IBAN number.
  2. Regularly check the master data to make sure it is still up to date.
    • Data on the document and in the master data should match.
  3. Avoid the presence of duplicate relations.
    • New relation proposed? Check if it is not already available.

How do I ensure complete journal entry proposals?

  1. Use the standard account and VAT code, among others, in the master data.
  2. Use automatic line recognition.
  3. Provide high-resolution (quality) documents.
  4. Make sure photos and scans are straight.
  5. Only scan paper documents.
    • Digital documents, as PDFs, are upload directly into TriFact365.

How can I improve the recognition?

  1. Upload and process in small batches (5-10) at the start of an administration.
  2. Correct journal entries that are not correctly presented.
  3. Keep correcting consistently.


100% recognition cannot be guaranteed for every document. TriFact365 updates the recognition periodically.