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TriFact365 backlog screen

The Backlog page has multiple search options available. With these options you can filter the documents by selecting an option and click on Search.

Below the search options the documents are shown which need to be processed. Here you have to opportunity to sort the documents by clicking on the title of the column in descending / ascending order. As default the most recent documents are shown at the top.

Clicking on the status (e.g., Check) will redirect you to the page for executing the needed action.

At the right side of the record line, you can open the uploaded document by clicking on the Magnifying glass icon or download the PDF file by clicking on the PDF file icon.

When selecting one or more checkboxes at the left side, an extra toolbar will show. The following actions can be performed:

  • Modify type – read more
  • Split – read more
  • Merge – read more
  • Restore – Restores documents with the status Rejected
  • Delete – Deletes the selected documents in one go
  • Stop – Stops de process of authorisation and/or confirmation