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Document(s) not in Backlog

It may happen that after uploading via e-mail, portal or the mobile account, a document is not in the Backlog. There may be several reasons for this:


Check whether the sent e-mail has been received in TriFact365’s Mailbox. It is possible that the email has not been received at all. In this case, check whether the e-mail has left the sender’s mail server. It is also possible that the attachment could not be processed. If so, open the details (Magnifying Glass) of the received email and see which error message caused the document to be unable to be processed.

Mobile app

Is the photo in the Upload History? If not, then the photo was not sent from the mobile app and not included in the Backlog. In this case, take a new photo and resend it via the mobile app.


If a document cannot be processed when uploaded in the portal, an error message is often displayed immediately. Based on the error message, the cause of the inability to process the document can be determined.


It can also happen that a document fails at a later stage. This can have various causes. For more information on Downtime click here.