Updates: Improved features

TriFact365 is continuously in development. New functionalities are developed and improvements are implemented on a regular basis. Because TriFact365 is 100% cloud-based, you will automatically work with the latest version. No manual installations required anymore! View the latest improvements and new features here.

  • Upload: Error messages extended

    • Error messages extended with more specific messages instead of one general error message

  • Split

    • Enlarged images
    • Selection frame around selected image

  • General ledger validations

    • Check: General ledger validations in conjunction with VAT codes, cost centers, cost carriers and projects added

  • Check: Various improvements

    • Total line fixed for more than 10 booking lines
    • Merge of entry lines improved

  • Modify type

    • Check: Action button ‘Modify type’ added

  • Entry without confirmation

    • Check: Order of action buttons changed when ‘Entry without confirmation’ is available

  • Various improvements

    • Administrations: Search in administrations is slow (FIXED)
    • Check: Zooming in and out is not possible when ‘Fit document to screen’ setting is on (FIXED)
    • Check: Supplier/Customer is reloaded when you tab out of the field, even though it hasn’t been changed (FIXED)
    • Check: Message about placing entry lines under document is now only shown if you turn on dimensions
    • Check: Checkbox buttons cannot be operated with the spacebar (FIXED)
    • Check: ALT text added to different dimensions when showing no description
    • Check: Fields of dimensions have been made wider when placing entry lines under the document
    • Check: VAT code is adopted from the supplier/customer if there is only one entry line
    • Check: Blocked VAT codes remain available (FIXED)

  • New version of the mobile app (v2.3.3)

    • Improved photo cropping function
    • Upload history loading has been improved
    • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

    The mobile app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store.

  • Check: Additional validation

    • Validation on the number of characters in the description for iMUIS Online

  • Improved keyboard shortcuts

    • Check: Keyboard shortcuts for switching between pages (read more)

  • Merge entry lines

    • Check: ‘Merge entry lines’ available to everyone
  • Various improvements

    • AccountView: Period settings are retrieved up to 2 years ago
    • Check: Copying text after rotating the document to the right doesn’t work (FIXED)
    • Check: Improved validation on total amount when booking
    • Check: TAB index does not start at supplier (FIXED)
    • Users will no longer receive a temporary password, but a link to set a new password.
    • Various bug fixes and performance improvements